November 15, 2013

Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever

I'm all about palettes at the moment. Blush, eye shadows... whatever, put it in a palette and the chances are I will want it. The prettier the palette, the better. I'm a little bit rubbish at choosing eye shadows that compliment each other, so palettes are essential for as they cut out all of the thinking - making getting ready in the morning a much quicker process. 

This pick from Benefit requires minimal thinking. Two creamy eyeshadow bases, four eye shadows and cute packing - what more could you want? Designed like a book, or mini makeup bible if you will, the Benefit World Famous Neutrals: Most Glamorous Nudes Ever palettes it a great way of getting to grips with eye shadow play for the less adventurous of us. Inside is a (removable) 'Tips and Tricks' fold out to make the process a little easier, giving you directions to create the perfect smokey eye. There is also a very handy, and quite large mirror in there too. 

Now on to the colours. If like me, you like to keep things pretty neutral on the eye front then this is for you! My Two Cents is more of an orange toned bronze, whereas Birthday Suit is more of a brown toned bronze. Both equally as pretty and both work great as a base to keep the eye shadows in place throughout the day and give the colour pay off a little more oomph. Call My Bluff is a illuminating soft cream, almost white shade that also works perfect as a base, It's Complicated is more on the chamagne side with a bit of shimmer running through it. Guilty Pleasure is the most golden of them all and is great for putting all over the lid. Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy is a warm brown shade with specks of glitter, this works best worked through the crease and outer corner. I get all day wear out of these shades when paired with the creamy eye shadow bases so the cute names are just a bonus. 

Another day, another palette and I already have my eye on my next one... hint: it begins with 'N' and ends in '3'.


  1. Great post! I'm guessing the next one is a naked palette ;) I have tagged you to take part in the Confessions of a Shopaholic tag! All the questions for you to answer are in my latest blog post xx

  2. The palette looks lovely.. I am a sucker for neutrals. I have a Naked2 palette, and I am obssesed. I turn to it everytime I do my makeup because it is just soo amazing! I love the pinkier shades that have been released in the Naked3.. so I might have to get my hands on that one too.
    I am also your newest follower on bloglovin' - feel free to check out my blog! xo, Ash.

  3. This is such a cute palette! I totally agree - palettes just make so much sense to me and saves me time picking out individual shades to complement each other. Naked 3 looks amazing! x

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  4. Ooh this looks great! I need a new neutrals palette as my current one is running out. This one looks like it could make its way onto my Christmas list!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xoxo

  5. I love the look of this! The perfect shades for me x


  6. I got this for my birthday.. love the creamy ones as bases :)

    I also am more excited for the naked 3 than xmas