July 10, 2013

Summer Blushing

If you asked me to name my favourite make up product to buy, blushes would win by a mile. In my opinion there is no such thing as 'too many' blushes as although some may go unloved from season to season there is always such excitement when you discover and old favourite. So today I have whittled down my collection to show you some of my top picks for the summer months.

We all know that summer is dominated by shades of coral, so this first pick is a bit of an obvious one, but boy is it a good one. Benefit's CORALista is the ultimate summer shade; a perfect coral with slight pink undertones and a shimmer that gives you that post-holiday glow. Oh, and not to mention the gorgeous packing it comes in... all boxes ticked? I thought so. Next up is the newest blush to my collection, Clarin's Spring 2013 blush. Although no longer easy to get a hold of, this is the bee knees when it comes to a matte peach shade. A quick sweep of this over your cheeks and your good to go with a natural peach flush. Another offering from Benefit in the line up is their Bella Bamba blush, and not just for the cute name. A shimmering pink with peach undertones gives a warmer pop of colour to your cheeks but with added glow. Finally, probably the most eye catching one of them all - MAC's Ripe Peach. There is just something about the ombre effect, isn't there? Still a peach shade but definitely more on the orange side, this blush definitely adds a pop of colour to any make up look. Another limited edition shade, but fear not as Estee Lauder have a pretty similar offering in Peach Nuance if you can find one at your local counter...

So there is a whole lot of peachy pink goodness for you to feast your eyes on, but in my opinion Benefit's CORALista wins first place.


  1. I really want to try come of the Benefit boxed products! Don't know why I have never done before? I love the look of Coralista!

    1. they are amazing and CORALista is my fave! xx

  2. The benefit blushers are in my wish list! I need to get them! :-) xx