July 07, 2013

Herbal Essences Bee Strong

Herbal Essences is my go-to drugstore hair care range, because as much as I love high-end hair care - using it for every wash just isn't very purse friendly. So when I saw this new Bee Strong range released, and on offer I should add, I quickly put one of each of the products in my basket before my boyfriend could see and I was on my way.

Smelling deliciously sweet, I couldn't wait to use them in my next hair wash - which ended up being an unscheduled one that night. Both the shampoo and conditioner are made with honey and apricot extracts, but the conditioner is extra special as it is serum-infused - fancy! I did as instructed and shampooed, rinsed, repeated and then conditioned. I was left with super soft, healthy feeling hair. Results that rival some of my high-end products and for just a fraction of the price... now that is something to write home about! The best bit? I can easily skip a wash (a hair wash that is) if I use these as they keep the hair clean whilst still being nourished. They even got the seal of approval from my boyfriend - which meant that we had to repurchase pretty quickly!

The Bee Strong range is aimed at damaged hair, but I would highly recommended this to anyone and all hair types! They are quite often on offer as well, so keep an eye out and definitely stock up!


  1. I love Herbal Essences when it comes to hair care, always my go-to and it's my favourite. Definitely need to try these!! xx

  2. Ahh i want to use them even more now ive seen your post as well. I bet they smell amazing :)



    1. They do - they are so lovely :) xx