July 19, 2013

My MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Collection

MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are a guilty pleasure of mine. Although MAC collections do not get my heart racing like they used to, I still always check out what skinfinishes they have to offer - some of which I find to be a bit meh, but the good ones soon become some of my favourite products to use. With that in mind I thought I would give you a quick run-down of my collection...

First up are the Mineralize Skinfinishes that I use as blushes. Stereo Rose is one of the more popular skinfinishes and it is definitely my favourite of the bunch. A gorgeous burnt orange, coral shade with subtle shimmer running though it making for a glowing finish on the skin which in turn has made it my everyday shade. Next up are two from the Heavenly Creature collection; Light Year and Star Wonder. Light Year is very much a peach shade with a hint of pink and a lotta gold shimmer, Star Wonder is a plummy pink shade, more suited to darker skin tones, again, with a lotta shimmer. For me, the shimmer is a little OTT, meaning that these go over to the unloved list.

Next are the ones that I mostly use as a highlighter. Blonde is a super shimmery pink that makes a perfect highlighter when the rest of the make up is simple, however on lazy days I like to use this as a blush as it can act as both for time-effective make up application. Lightscapade is my second favourite skinfinish in my collection and is one that I reach for any type of make up look whether it be a dramatic smokey eye or a 'no make up' make look. The almost silver shade compliments most skin tones and works as an all over highlighter for your cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow, down your nose - just about anywhere!

The MAC MSF's have pretty good staying power for day long wear, however if you want it to last from morning till late at night it will need a quick reapplication. If like me, your a little obssessed with these skinfinishes I would recommend getting your hands on Stereo Rose and Lightscapade... they make a great team!


  1. So glad you done this post, I loooove looking at the MSF they're just so darn pretty! I have lightscapade but I'm not in love with it I don't actually think it does anything for me :( stereo rose just looks amazing and I'm praying they'll re-release it soon! Gold deposit is another gorgeous one if you want more of a bronzed glow too :)


    Oh and I currently have a MAC giveaway over on my blog if that tickles your fancy

    1. they really are! oh, that's a shame! Stereo Rose is lovely and I will have to look into Gold Deposit :) xx

  2. I've never tried anything in the MAC mineral collection.. you've got so many! Will have a look on my next shopping trip as I need a new blusher.

    Olivia xxx
    Beauty from the Fjord
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  3. I really want to try Stereo Rose - it looks lovely xx