April 08, 2014

March 2014 Favourites

Yep, I'm a little late to this last months favourites party. March was a bit hectic and all over the place, hence the quick but effective products that make up this months round-up. I always found myself looking for the simpler option that would cut down the time it took to do my routine so that I could have that extra five minutes of sleep.

The Clinique Take The Day Off Balm has to be my number one product from March. A miracle product that makes taking makeup off a dream, even stubborn mascara. Scentless and hard it texture, this balm melts into an oil which it turn melts off your makeup. 
Talking of stubborn mascara, Benefit They're Real has become a holy grail product of mine. No other mascara gives me lashes like this does. Long, full and blacker than black this mascara has compliments pouring in. I have been popping on a couple coats of this stuff most days and just leaving my eyes at that. This stays all day long, but it can be a pain to remove - unless you have the Clinique balm in your stash that is.

Another no-faff product comes in the form of the Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Creme. Simply patted onto the tops of my cheeks using my ring finger, this makes for the perfect dewy glow to see in spring. Unfortunately this is no longer available, but I would love to know if there is any dupes out there?
Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub has been my favourite shower companion this month, not only does this smell delicious, even good enough to eat,  it works amazingly to buff away dead skin, leaving a soft and silk-like feel to your skin.

Anytime that my skin has started to play up over the past year, it has been due to the fact that I have ran out of the REN Clear Calm3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. A clay based cleanser that I use only in the morning to help keep oil at bay during the day. I find that this really helps to purify my skin and keep it clear, it also works wonders for maintaining good skin. 
Another product that I always reach for when my skin is misbehaving is the Origins Out of Trouble Mask. A 10 minute solution to spots and blemishes, I use this every other night whilst having a breakout or once to twice a week when I'm not. 

Better late than never, eh? What products did you love last month?


  1. Great picks, I love the take the day off balm x

  2. Fab faves, I can't get enough of my Clinique balm, I've used it non stop since Christmas an di love it :)
    xxx Claire

  3. I'm with you about cutting down routine to save some time - I started working and doing my entire routine in the mornings is just awful. I'd really like to try out that Clinique Balm, it sounds great. On my favorites last month was the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!


  4. I love the Benefit Mascara but agree it is so so hard to remove! I'm coming to the end of my Emma Hardie cleanser so might just hit up a clinique counter! I am also loving REN lately and whilst on the subject of cleansers this clay one sounds like something I need to add to my stash!

  5. I really need to get the Clinique balm, been eyeing it up for ages now. I've been loving the Estee Lauder Raisins duo in March, couldn't get enough of it :)


  6. Love the sound of the Clinique balm, I've also been loving the They're Real mascara but it really is a pain to remove! x

  7. The Clinique cleansing balm is definitely one of my favourite cleansers. It's incredible for removing makeup! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. I did enjoy benefit they are real, but it did not give the volume I want. I do need to try the origins masks though.

  9. Clinique's balm is something I've wanted to try for so long now, but I don't know if I can justify spending £27 on a makeup remover! It does sound amazing though, so maybe I will have to, ahhh!

    X X