October 27, 2013

Slimming World: Information, Advice & My Journey

Since joining Slimming World a few months back I have has many people asking me to do a post telling you what it is like, how I'm finding it and mostly importantly... what I eat. Having recently reached my 2 stone weight loss I am feeling inspired and wanted to share this with you.

Why I Joined
I made the decision to join Slimming World to change my life. Which does sound a little bit dramatic but I found myself to be so unhappy with my weight and how I looked to the extent that I was only going to places if I absolutely had to (such as work/college) and would turn down family gatherings and social events because I felt too self conscious. I knew this needed to change, and with a encouragement from my boyfriend and family I went to my first Slimming World group, I also bought my mum along as well so we can help each other out as we go through our journey.

About Slimming World
The first thing you need to know about Slimming World is that it is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. They teach you to change how you are feeling about food and not to kick yourself if you slip up, or have a gain one week as it can be due to many other factors other than what you are eating such as water intake, monthly cycles or it could just be for no damn reason at all. Going to a group is a lot different to doing it by yourself at home. When I would diet at home, it would last about a week (if that) and I would be stuffing a chocolate bar down my throat but knowing that I am going somewhere to get weighed gives me motivation. Because let's face it... you don't want people knowing that you are not trying and just keep putting weight on. They will never announce your weight to the group but they say 'Emma has lost 'this many' pounds this week' and then you get a round of applause - which is nice! You also receive stickers and certificates for each mile stone, for example - 1/2 stone, 1 stone, 1 & 1/2 stone and so on. You also get a sticker for being Slimmer of the Week and Slimmer of the Month. This is probably my favourite bit as I love adding the stickers to my book.

The Food
This is probably the most important bit as no body likes to feel deprived of anything. Nothing is off limits... if you want a take away you can work it in, if you want a bit of chocolate you can work it in and if you want a huge blow out one night and want to eat every naughty thing under then sun then do it and get back on plan the next day. Simples. There are hundreds of recipes to try online, you can share them in group with other people, there are lots in the magazine and the hashtag 'slimmingworld' on Instagram gives me loads of inspiration. What you do have to watch and measure out is what you are cooking in such as oil, the fat that is in meat, diary such as milk and cheese and things like bread and cereal - however you are given a generous amount of each to use every day. Some of my favourite recipes are the curry sauces, homemade double stacked cheese burgers with chips and macaroni and cheese... just to name a few. If you would like to see recipes for these - let me know!

My Journey
In my first week on Slimming World I lost 5lbs which was a huge motivation to keep at it and with in 5 weeks I had lost 1 stone. In just 18 weeks I have lost 2 stone and that is with having about 3 weeks off plan for various things like holiday and birthdays and having a couple of weeks where I gained. I also had a quick measure the other night to find that I have lost 15 inches all over since losing my first stone (I forgot to measure myself at the very beginning). Although I still have a way to go as yet I am looking forward in seeing the changes in myself, not just physically but also mentally. I have so far been losing weight with out any exercise but once I achieve my 3 stone weight loss I will be looking into starting an exercise regime.

I am so happy that I took the step to join Slimming World and I am more than happy with the changes that I am seeing in myself! If you want to know anything else, or see any recipes just let me know!


  1. I've been thinking about trying Slimming World for a while now but because I'm currently living in Germany I didn't know how I would cope just doing it online. When you first joined, did you find it easy to understand with the different colours & syns etc?


    1. Everything is really clearly explained! I do the Extra Easy every day and it is so simple! xx

  2. I joined slimming world three weeks ago and I stuck really well to it in my first week and lose 3.5lbs which I was pretty chuffed about. Since then its just been a downhill battle though, I didn't go to the meeting last week so I've totally rolled off the bandwagon. I really need to get myself stuck back into it and stop letting stupid things get in my way! Well done on reaching your 2 stone award, that's fantastic. x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

    1. I always find if I miss group I end up going off plan, it really does make the difference! Thank you :) Xx