December 18, 2013

Essie A-List

When it comes to nails, I have two true loves; Essie and reds. The formula and design of Essie is unbeatable and I just love to add new bottles to my collection, so to combined this with my love for red tips it is going to result in a winning duo.

Essie A-List is what I would call a true red. It is not too dark, too bright, too orange toned.. too anything - it is just perfectly red. Red nails are a classic beauty statement, just as a red lip is and although I am an all year-round lover of red tips I think that they are perfect for the festive season - especially if you add a little glitter on there too.

What is your favourite red polish?


  1. Beautiful shade of red! I'm on the hunt for the holy grail of red nail polishes, especially as it's that time of year. xo

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  2. This looks lovely. I have so much trouble finding decent red nail polishes. They're either too dark and vampy, or they're too bright and it looks tacky.

  3. So pretty! My fave red is Essie's Russian Roulette ;)

    xx -b.

  4. This red is beautiful. I've never drifted to red nail polishes but I love this and now really want it so I can wear it on Christmas Day!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  5. That color looks so nice! My favorite shade of red atm is Essie's "Really Red", although this post totally makes me want to buy A-List!

    Claudie xx