September 05, 2013

20 Facts About Me!

1. I love Friends. I can (and have) watch and re-watch every single Friends episode and never get bored of it.

2. I am list maker. I have a list for anything and everything, including a list of lists that I need to make.

3. My name isn't actually 'Emma-Louise', I just wish it was. Emma is my first name, Louise is my middle name - but call me Emma-Louise as I much prefer it! I actually used to tell people that this was name.

4. I hate spiders. I may even cry if one comes a little too close.

5. I love 'crime drama' programmes. Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, CSI, Luther, NCIS... just to name a few.

6. I don't drink alcohol, nor do I go clubbing. The whole idea kinda bores me - plus my money would be much better spent on makeup.

7. I have been in a relationship since I was fifteen.

8. I love pasta, cheese, bread and chocolate.

9. I get way more excited over stationary than I should.

10. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. Berry colours, knits and cosy nights - perfect!

11. I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older. I'm just taking opportunites and seeing where they take me.

12. My decision to buy something is easily swayed if it is pink.

13. Blush is my favourite makeup product. In my opinion you can never have too many.

14. I used to be a 'tom boy'. It lasted about six months.

15. The Notebook makes me cry every, every single time.

16. During my early teens I would change my hair colour all of the time... pink, black, purple, blonde, ginger, brown, red...

17. I don't have a lucky anything. Although I wish I did.

18. I used to be the biggest horror movie fanatic but now I have turned into the biggest wimp.

19. I can't wait to start having babies.

20. The reason that I love makeup and beauty so much is that I truly believe everyone should be able to feel the best that they can, to have confidence. Beauty; makeup, skin care, hair care, body products and all other beauty related products and procedures help people to do this.


  1. Lovely post. I love Friends too - it's so funny. I was hoping they'd re-unite and do a special episode.

    1. I wish that had! However, where they have all grown older it may have ruined it! xx

  2. such a lovely post! I'm re-watching all 10 seasons of Friends 3rd year in a row. it became my summer tradition haha

    1. thank you! It sounds like a great tradition haha xx